A New Way to Look at Cholesterol

Doctor Oz Takes on The Cholesterol Controversy Season 4, Episode 63 What We’ve Been Told About Cholesterol for Years Is Wrong! Dr Oz’s guests are Dr. Stephen Sinatra (Cardiologist) and Dr Jonny Bowden (Nutrition.)  They say everything the medical community believes about cholesterol is WRONG.  Their book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” is changing the way […]

Many of the supplements you take every day are not what they seem. They could be spiked with illegal or recalled prescription substances – some even deadly. In the US, some of our supplements are being spiked with illegal, potentially deadly ingredients from recalled prescription drugs.  One of the biggest areas of abuse is in […]

Dr. Oz is outraged and is blowing the whistle on the poison in much of this country’s apple juice.  He conducted a national investigation on apple juice made from apple concentrate.  Apple juice from concentrate is in juice blends, candy, cereals, cookies, cakes, “healthy” snack bars, etc. What his investigation revealed might concern you. Most […]