Dr Oz Anti-Aging Solutions

Red Palm Fruit Oil for Anti-Aging

From “Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013″

Season 4, Episode 73

Dr Oz Diet Recommendation: Red Palm Fruit Oil for anti-aging and to live years longer.

Red Palm fruit trees in Africa and Southeast Asia contain an ancient remedy that can slow down the aging process, fight belly fat and combat heart disease. The flesh also has a miracle property. Researcher Bryce Wylde says the red palm oil provides you with two powerhouse nutrients (carotene and tocotrienols (a special form of vitamin E).) Combining these two power nutrients, you’ll slow down the aging process and protect the cells and tissues in your body.

Red palm fruit oil has more antioxidants and benefits than any other popular health food oil (including coconut oil.)

You only need to consume 2 Tablespoons per day of virgin organic red palm fruit oil.

The Brain: Dr Oz believes it can help protect us against Alzheimer’s. The red palm oil helps protect our brains by increasing blood circulation and can reduce incidents of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Heart: Dr Oz also believes that red palm oil might play a role in keeping the heart arteries open and not clogged.

The Omentum: To help blast away fat, we don’t want fats accumulating in the omentum. The bad fats do get stored in the omentum, but the red palm oil goes straight to the liver and gets used up as calories for the day. You’re not storing the fat, you’re burning it, so it ignites your metabolism which burns the fat quickly.

Dr Oz believes that red palm oil will be the most popular new product we talk about this year in the USA, but how do we use it? At room temperature it’s semi-solid.

  • spread on breads and vegetables
  • apply to salads
  • mix into oatmeal
  • cook with it (it has a high smoke point and won’t be destroyed by the heat)

Finally, it’s shelf stable, so it will last a long time in your home.


The taste of the virgin organic red palm fruit oil is pretty bad.  And even worse, it kind of smells like a smokey bbq sauce and I dislike the smell/taste of bbq sauce.  This is going to take some getting used to.  Fortunately, our taste buds are designed to adapt to things over time.  I would suggest starting with a small amount and gradually working your way up to the one tablespoon serving, twice a day.  Even just a teaspoon of it in a smoothie is very strong and noticeable to me.

The red oil stains anything, very easily.  I suggest using a metal utensil to scoop/spread and gently rinsing the utensil immediately and then rinse the sink if it spatters when rinsing.  Be careful not to set the dirty utensil on the counter-top or anywhere else you’re not going to immediately clean.