Dr. Oz Investigates Arsenic in Apple Juice

Dr. Oz is outraged and is blowing the whistle on the poison in much of this country’s apple juice.  He conducted a national investigation on apple juice made from apple concentrate.  Apple juice from concentrate is in juice blends, candy, cereals, cookies, cakes, “healthy” snack bars, etc.

What his investigation revealed might concern you.

Most apple juice is not all American.  Much of it is made in China where there is arsenic in both the water and pesticides used to grow the apples.

The US EPA has a maximum limit on the amount of arsenic in our drinking water (10 parts per billion,) but there’s no limit on the amount of arsenic in apple juice.  In addition, the FDA only inspects less than 2% of the food imported into this country.  A single box of juice won’t hurt, but chronic toxicity from repeated consumption is a problem.

There shouldn’t be ANY arsenic allowed in the food and drink we give our kids.

Check the label on your juice container to see where it comes from.  You have to read ALL parts the container.

There were three dozen samples tested across five brands.  The results listed show the lowest amount and the highest amount found for each brand in the samples.  Although some of the samples tested below are below the accepted 10 ppb the EPA allows for in our drinking water, many tested well above the limit.  It’s like playing Russian Roulette.  One day you could have apple juice which is on the lower side and the next day you could have juice that’s more than twice the allowed amount in drinking water.

Minute Maid:  Low=2  High=3
Apple & Eve (conventional): Low=3  High=11
Mott’s:  Low=4  High=16
Juicy Juice:  Low=2  High=22
Gerber:  Low=6  High= 36

Even when one of the juice companies that were tested went ahead and tested juice from the same lots Dr. Oz did, they found they majority of those samples’ total arsenic was the most harmful kind: Inorganic

Bottom-Line:  There needs to be a limit of 10 ppb or less for apple juice.

What To Do:

  1. Check the label on the juice container before you buy, to see where it comes from.  You have to read ALL parts the container as there could be additional countries in very small print, almost hidden, on various locations of the container.
  2. If you’re buying apple juice from concentrate buy it only if it’s from the USA and even better if you get organic.