5 Steps to Blast Your Belly Fat

Doctor Oz and many other doctors are concerned about the belly fat many Americans carry around.  “It’s a bomb waiting to explode.”  Here are the five steps to Blast Your Belly Fat:

STEP 1:  Eat In Reverse – Eat your carbs early in the day so you have all day to burn them off.  Eat your “dinner” for breakfast.  For example, try the Fat Burning Noodle Pudding.

STEP 2:  Create a Fiber Pack – Every woman should get 25 grams of fiber per day.  The easiest way to do that is to toss all of the items below into a small bag and eat them throughout the morning and early afternoon:

Gnu Banana Walnut Bar – 12 grams of fiber
Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble – 8 grams of fiber
One Orange – 2 grams of fiber
Single Packet of Metamucil – 3 grams of fiber
TOTAL = 25 grams of fiber

STEP 3:  Drink one glass of wine per day (must be a reasonable serving size.)

STEP 4:  Confuse Your Muscles – by doing different exercises.  Dr. Oz has a 7 Day Abs Workout Program with a different ab exercise each day.

STEP 5:  Make a Belly Band – Women, measure out and cut a 32″ piece of ribbon.  Put the ribbon around your waist and see how far apart the ends are from each other.  You don’t need to know the number on a tape measure, but use the ribbon as an easy way to check-in towards your goal of 32″.  It’s important NOT to judge when you “measure.”  Just observe.