The evolution of My Doctor Oz TV Show Quick Notes began because I love the Doctor Oz tv show.  Dr. Oz seems like an ethical doctor that truly has a mission to educate the masses on various health issues.  My notes journal started because, although I TiVo the Doctor Oz tv show and could watch it anytime I want, I still couldn’t keep up with the abundance of great information provided to the viewers.

Next, I went to the Doctor Oz tv show web site, but again, although the site contains all the great information we want from Dr. Oz, it’s quite busy and finding the information you want can be challenging or overwhelming at times.  There are articles to read, videos to watch, quizzes, recipes and more.  Which is all great, but can take a huge amount of time to mine through all that information just to get the tips from the shows.  The “In Case You Missed It” segment at the end of the show is helpful, but it only covers a few things talked about in the show.  I realize they want the viewer to go to their web site to get the rest of the information, but then we’re right back where we started from with trying to mine the data from their web site.

I needed a better solution.  So, as I watched the shows, I began to take notes.  Just quick, short notes of the highlights and tips I wanted to remember from each show so I could have a guideline for improving my health and lifestyle.  The shows were saved on my TiVo, so I could pause and rewind to make sure I got my notes correct.

I now have a quick and to-the-point list of advice and tips from the Doctor Oz tv show.  This note-taking is a lot of work, I almost feel like I’m in college again, but I think the end-result is worth the benefit of having an easy to use reference document.  Best of all, it’s a living document, which changes regularly as new information is added.  I think a good way to use this changing document is to simply print it out and use it like a checklist.  Simply put a check-mark next to an item which you have successfully incorporated into your life and cross out any items that don’t apply to you.

Lastly, it occurred to me that if I was struggling with this problem, then many other Doctor Oz tv show fans were likely struggling as well and I should share my work with the world.  Thus, My Doctor Oz TV Show Quick Notes was born.